Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different

Meet Scarf 55: The Yeti Scarf. This fuzzy little number, in case you can't tell, is an entirely different animal. Knit, not woven, from thick and fuzzy white yarn, Scarf 55 is an homage to the yeti.

According to my husband, who blogs about trends in yeti imagery in popular culture, Yeti - aka Abominable Snowman - has become a beloved mascot of the holiday season. When chatting about scarf ideas he asked if I could make a yeti scarf and I just couldn't resist.

Knowing that weaving would crush the spirit of this furry yarn, I knit this little guy up in a traditional length with gently ruffled ends for a dash of interest and added weight.

Watch for it soon in my Etsy shop.


Zak said...

Whoaaa. That first image is stunning. But how come not in the etsy shop yet? Already sold to a celebrity? Figures.

Kelly said...

Thanks! And yeah, already sold to a new (and somewhat mysterious) customer - shipping tomorrow to a PO Box high in the Himalayas.

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