Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Styling scarves for their photographs can be a slippery enterprise. Scarves don't always like to lie flat against the background, they don't usually agree to stay in the shape I carefully arrange them in, and they generally enjoy flipping and flopping and sliding out of place.

After taking about a dozen photos of each scarf (sometimes more if they're being especially truculent) I come back to the computer, where I quickly sift through them and toss out the duds. I was just flipping through my recent shoot and noticed these two, below. I immediately deleted the photo on the left, then thought you might enjoy seeing the comparison.
Can't you just picture me cajoling Scarf 49? "Now be a good little scarf and stay put!" If only scarves liked lollipops.


mama bee said...

I love getting to see and hear about all the behind the scenes stuff that goes on with selling hand-made items like in this post. Thanks for taking the time to make such interesting posts.

Kelly said...

Thanks for reading them! :)

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