Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Treasuries

And, lest we think Scarf 39 had stolen the spotlight, here are three more January Etsy Treasuries featuring my scarves. It's always interesting to see who chooses them, what they're paired with, and what they look like in a grouping. Treasuries are like window shopping in an eclectic neighborhood of personal boutiques - they're always a treat to explore. Thanks, Treasury-Makers!

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Sudden Popularity of Scarf 39

Scarf 39 has been gaining a following lately. Many thanks to the awesome Etsians who found it and selected it for these treasuries!

Isn't it interesting that it often shows up in the same spot?

Scarf 39 was purchased on Etsy and is on its way to its new owner in New Jersey. Have a happy life, Scarf 39!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Dallas, Part 3: White Rock Weaving Center

On Sunday I popped over to White Rock Weaving Center with a friend who had commissioned a black and red ruffle scarf. She wanted to find just the perfect shade of red, so we thought we'd check out their yarn stash and learn more about the looms and everything else they offer. If you're in Dallas and you're interested in weaving, it's definitely worth stopping by. They offer lots of classes in weaving, spinning, and basket weaving, and have looms of all shapes and sizes for sale.
One thing they do that I think is so cool is let you keep your loom there after you buy it. All the looms are on wheels and they fold up so you can move it around wherever you need to when you're taking a class, then park it in the loom garage when you're done. Seriously - the loom garage. How awesome is that? Here's a snap of the loom garage, about half full since there were so many people taking classes when we were there.
And of course they had tons and tons of yarn too. We did manage to find just the perfect shade of red in just the perfect thickness and feel, which they kindly measured and wound up for us. They took so much time with us, calculating and measuring the yarn, and in the end it only cost two dollars.
Here's just a tiny sampling of their yarn (and of course some more parked looms).

I got to chat with a very nice lady working on a blanket while the yarn was being calculated, and I learned a few neat little tips and tricks from her. With the exception of the very first beginner class that I took to learn how to weave on a small loom, I haven't been around weavers or weaving very much. I bought a little book with handy weaving tips which I'm looking forward to incorporating. I also got a new book for Christmas with all kinds of new patterns and processes, so it may be time for me to stretch my wings a little and try some more experimentation. Hooray for weaving!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dallas, Part 2: Jean Paul Gaultier

I have a confession to make: I'm not that into fashion. In fact, "not that into" might be an overstatement. I really could not care less. I realize this is a strange admission from someone making and selling fashion accessories, but it's the truth. Part of the appeal of scarves is that they can pull together or spice up an otherwise boring outfit. Since I teach yoga almost every day and am consequently almost always wearing black pants and a black t-shirt, scarves save the day.
So when I saw that the Dallas Museum of Art had an exhibit on Jean Paul Gaultier, I didn't care. "Not my thing," I thought. Fortunately, some friends took me in hand and told me in no uncertain terms that I had to see it, and I'm glad they did!
Of course I couldn't take photos from inside the exhibit, so this is just the entrance. It doesn't begin to show off the extravagant details inside. They really went all out, designing the space and using technology for high impact. As you enter the exhibit, there's an array of mannequins with films of people's faces projected onto the mannequins' faces. It's eerily realistic - it looks like a bunch of very white people standing around very still. Some of the mannequins talk and sing and some of them just occasionally blink or yawn.
In case you're wondering, there wasn't a single scarf in the whole exhibit. Gaultier takes the opposite of the scarves-let-you-get-away-with-boring-clothes approach. Every element of his costumes and outfits are carefully considered and decorated to the max. Not only do you not need a scarf to spice things up, you couldn't possibly add anything to the mix. And, while that's not my thing, it was wonderful to see in a museum exhibit.

As an artist, it's always inspiring to see someone exploring their vision with a limited set of materials in a limited context. Though, of course, Gaultier's materials may be less limited than most fashion designers - there was one dress made of film strips! Still, how cool is that? If film strips were soft, I'd love to make scarves out of them.

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk will be in Dallas through Feburary 12th, when it will move on to its second and last American showing at the de Young in San Francisco. If you get the chance, I highly recommend seeing it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dallas, Part 1: Thanks-Giving Square

I'm up in Dallas for a few days, joining Henry on a business trip and taking time to visit family and friends. In spite of my three-week absence from this blog, I'm always thinking about it, and I remembered to bring along my camera so I could share my relevant adventures.

After dropping Henry and the car off at the convention center in downtown Dallas, I took a chilly stroll over to Thanksgiving Square, the "Center of American and World Thanksgiving." Since this is my year of being happy with what I have, giving thanks is a daily practice (though shouldn't it always be?). Thanksgiving Square has a museum, chapel, outside fountains, and lots to explore, but I was limited in my time and mostly hung around with the pigeons around the Ring of Thanks. There are a series of prompts leading up to the Ring of Thanks and then you step through it at the end, being conscious of your blessings. Pretty cool and powerful stuff for a public park.

I think every time we take time to be consciously grateful, we step through a ring of thanks to a brighter and calmer experience on the other side.

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