Monday, January 23, 2012

Dallas, Part 1: Thanks-Giving Square

I'm up in Dallas for a few days, joining Henry on a business trip and taking time to visit family and friends. In spite of my three-week absence from this blog, I'm always thinking about it, and I remembered to bring along my camera so I could share my relevant adventures.

After dropping Henry and the car off at the convention center in downtown Dallas, I took a chilly stroll over to Thanksgiving Square, the "Center of American and World Thanksgiving." Since this is my year of being happy with what I have, giving thanks is a daily practice (though shouldn't it always be?). Thanksgiving Square has a museum, chapel, outside fountains, and lots to explore, but I was limited in my time and mostly hung around with the pigeons around the Ring of Thanks. There are a series of prompts leading up to the Ring of Thanks and then you step through it at the end, being conscious of your blessings. Pretty cool and powerful stuff for a public park.

I think every time we take time to be consciously grateful, we step through a ring of thanks to a brighter and calmer experience on the other side.


mama bee said...

The Thanks-giving Square just became a must-visit on my next trip to Dallas. Great photos.

Kelly said...

Yes! You should definitely go! Most of the outdoor space is sunken a little bit below street level and enclosed by brick walls, so it'd be a safe and fun area for your kiddos to run around. And they have indoor areas as well (that I didn't cover here). :)

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