Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Today is my last day to prepare for my first fair. Tomorrow my partner and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday!) with our families, and on Friday we'll be at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort's Holiday Craft Show, hopefully selling some scarves.
Today I have to reluctantly put down the loom - with Scarf 56 half warped on it - and pick up the camera, the circle cutter, the gift wrap, the credit card program, the sales tax info, the suitcases, and the almighty to do list.
Already this week I've made banners, designed a catalog/order forms/coupons/receipts, picked up all my scarves from Flock Gifts and Mind Body Yoga, cut and stamped gift tags and fair signs, and - oh yes - made four more scarves.
If my to do list is telling the truth, it will all come together in time. I'd ask you to wish me luck but I'm beginning to realize I ask that of you quite often. Maybe it's time to set luck aside, roll up my sleeves, and get to work, eh?

I have the last 10 or so scarves to photograph this morning, and fortunately the sun is cooperating. I may be back with updates if I have time to edit the photos today. If not, here are a few snaps from the studio this week.


Laura Eliza said...

Have fun at the craft fair! Can't wait to hear how it goes =) Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Laura Eliza! Happy Thanksgiving to you!! :)

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