Thursday, November 17, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond!

Meet the infinity scarf. Twisted and tied together like a mobius strip, the infinity scarf is easy to wear a variety of different ways. What makes my infinity scarves extra fun is the little bit of fringe, where the warp ends have been tied together and trimmed. This fringe can be tucked behind the neck so they're out of sight (above and below left) or used to add an extra bit of flourish (below right and far below).

Infinity scarves can be thin, light, and decorative, like this lovely green number:

Infinity scarves can be thick and warm and wintery plush, like this gray beauty:

Worn long or short, wrapped once or twice, showing off fringe or hiding it or simply pulling the fringe through the loop - I'm having lots of fun with infinity scarves!

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