Thursday, December 1, 2011

Etsy On Sale

I'm trying a new tool called Etsy On Sale. It's a separate website that facilitates store-wide sales. I'm using it to host a holiday sale of 20% off everything. In addition to listing my scarves at Etsy On Sale, it also updates the prices in my Etsy shop, adjusting the main image to show the original price. You can see this new look in my mini Etsy shop at the top right of this blog - see how all the listings have tiny red writing at the top? That's the sale info and original pricing.

Yes, I'll admit - it hurts a bit to see all the prices drop so much. I had them all priced to try to pay myself a fair wage of $10 per hour, but I'm afraid that just wasn't realistic for the craft market. I'm thinking about new techniques to explore, but in the meantime I'm mostly just happy to connect people with scarves they love, regardless of profit.

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