Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy 24 - oops, 28 - Day!

Well, this is a little embarrassing. See, I'd written a nice post celebrating the 24 scarves that I've sold, planning to share it with you today - the 24th of December. The only problem is that when I began compiling photos, they didn't add up. I had 28 sold scarves staring at me, not 24. A little investigating and cross checking revealed that I'd accidentally left four sold orders off of my spreadsheet (good thing I figured this out before tax time!).
Any way you add them up, these scarves are a happy reminder of all the threads twisted and smoothed, all the combinations of colors and textures, all the connections and conversations with friends, family, and far-off customers. Thank you, dear customers, for buying my scarves. I hope they are warming you or someone you love.

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