Friday, December 2, 2011

Something's Afoot

What? That's not a scarf, you say? Consider it cross training. After weeks and weeks bent over the loom, I needed a happy little knitting project that I could do on the couch. I also needed an inexpensive holiday gift for my nephew who loves musical instruments (yep, spoiler alert to his parents!). Behold, the result: Jingle Feet.
I'm not going to pretend they're scarves for your legs or anything silly like that - they're a complete departure from my scarf project - but I'm having fun with them so I'm sharing them with you anyway.
They're meant to be worn on the ankles or wrists so you can shake, dance, and jingle toyourheart's content. They're big enough to fit an adult wrist and I believe will fit the ankles of 1-10 year olds. I tested them on an 18-month-old, and they fit perfectly. Then she tested the Jingle Feet by trying to pull all the bells off and into her mouth. Her mother tried to stop her but I insisted we let her do her worst to make sure they would hold up. And they did. Beautifully. The bells are knitted in, rather than tied on, for exactly that reason. I'm not too interested in sending choking hazards far and wide across the country.
And this morning that's just what I'm doing, because these Jingle Feet sold to a nice person in Washington! I listed them in my other Etsy shop yesterday and they're already sold! I listed them again and will make some more today.
I also made a Yeti pair for Henry's Yeti Holiday Gift Guide. If you click through you'll also find my Yeti Scarf.
If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know that I got the inspiration for Jingle Feet from this nice knitter in England. I changed up the pattern to be knit in the round, attached the bells differently, and made the bells smaller so they won't hurt if you sit down while wearing them.

I'm taking my Jingle Feet, along with my Christmas and Hanukkah coloring books and crayons, to the Lake Travis Christmas Bazaar tomorrow, where I'll be selling my scarves (yes, I do still sell scarves around here. Sheesh!).
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