Thursday, September 8, 2011

Scarves About Town

My scarves are getting out and about and word is spreading too.  I'm being interviewed over at Feeding the Soil today, a lovely blog about dreaming big dreams, setting goals, teaching and raising children in the Montessori method, and other real life things like making yummy food.  It's such a boost to chat with supportive people who are excited about your ideas - thank you, Sara!
It's also high time I shared some Etsy Treasuries that my scarves have been featured in.  Treasuries are collections, assembled by Etsy fans, that showcase a particular style, color, feeling, or whatever strikes the collector's fancy.  It's fun to see a little sampling of all the different types of things available on Etsy.  Here are a few items from a few treasuries.

Fringe & Feathers by egoldstein

Mr. Charcoal by LittleLadyIrish 

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