Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making Tags

What? You expected this post to be about weaving? Who has time for that?
Actually, in addition to doing my fair share of weaving (and washing and tying and twisting and cutting and shooting) this week, I also got to spend an evening plunked down in front of one of my favorite British mysteries making tags. Two tags go on each scarf - one with the logo and contact info, one with the number, fiber content, care instructions, and price.
Since I love cutting and stamping, this is a fun project. I could make all one hundred tags at once, but it's sort of fun sitting down and making a batch of twelve and imagining what each scarf might be.
The antique stamps are such a joy to use. My mother inherited them from a friend in 1971 and happily used them for years before I came along to steal them away for my projects.

What will Scarf 37 be like? Upcycled denim with a jaunty angled fringe? We'll just have to wait and see!

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