Saturday, September 10, 2011

Flock: An Introduction

A few weeks ago, I got this message in my fortune cookie:
"Your artistic talents win the approval and applause of others."

Last night I received a message through Etsy that read:
"I am gathering artists for a new gift boutique off of S. Lamar. I love your work. By chance would you be interested in participating in our new store?"

Well, of course I was interested and went down to South Lamar this morning to meet Ashley, the manager. Her shop is called Flock, and though there's no sign outside yet, the inside is amazing!

The shimmery blue walls embrace a perfectly curated collection of jewelry, cards, vintage finds, candles, succulents, and other fun gifts sitting around on a stylish assortment of modern and antique furniture. Heaven, you say? Exactly!

Ashley was warm and welcoming and openly shared her story. She has a strong background in retail, a gorgeous line of her own jewelry, and - from everything I saw in the shop - exqisite taste. The cherry on top, of course, is that she passionately loves my scarves.

I took down a little sampling of scarves and spread it out on this table. I explained the materials and processes and prices while Ashley petted and appreciated and admired. Having thus far primarily shared my scarves online through photos and descriptions, it made my little artist's heart sing to see someone touching and enjoying them in person.

I was more than pleased to agree to sell some of my scarves on consignment in this magical shop. I plan to make ten new scarves for Flock by the grand opening celebration on September 29th. Visit Flock on Facebook and stay tuned!

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