Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why are there so many scarves about rainbows?

The secret of Scarf 15? Rainbows. Pure rainbow happiness for cold little girls (or cheerful grownups). Scarf 15 makes me so happy. Henry says it is his favorite of all the ones I've made. I hope somebody nice gets to wear it someday. Someone who lets her friends wear it at lunchtime.

Here's the no-longer-a-secret rainbow ingredient: Rainbow Yarn!

See how nicely it plays with the soft and squishy turquoise yarn?

Here you can see the beautiful drape that the hand weaving makes possible:

And, oh that happy fringe! Here's a closer view of the fringe:

Happy happy, all around.


mama bee said...

It took me a while to place where the title came from. And once I did it made me very happy.

This scarf is so beautiful, as are the others, but there's definitely something about this scarf.

Kelly said...

Yes, I was on a Muppet kick for Scarves 14 & 15. I'm glad you caught the reference! And I'm so glad you like it! I made it for little girls, but it's tempting to make a grown up version.

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