Monday, August 22, 2011

My Constant Companions

Meet Audrey and Newlin, my roommates. They are very into sitting in my lap and have lately been ousted by the loom, which is sitting there instead. They are usually nearby when I am weaving and though it looks like they would get in the way of things, that's usually not the case.
Newlin really loves to climb into the loom when he can, or just sit next to it when it's filled with yarn. He doesn't mess with the yarn, just looks at it.

They're my constant companions and cheerleaders, but I totally understand that seeing cats near something they might put around their neck makes allergic people panic. That's why I offer a wash'n'send service for you allergic folks - just say the word and I'll make sure your scarf is cat hair free before I send it your way.
I should also note that they don't usually snuggle up to the yarn, the way Audrey is doing up above. This is a rarity (and for me a very cute one), which is why I caught it on camera.

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