Sunday, August 21, 2011

In the Pink

This afternoon I took advantage of Texas' tax free weekend to pick up a few new duds. My mom encouraged me to get a shirt with a mauve and pink paisley pattern. I usually shy away from warm colors, thinking they don't look good with my skin tone, but she convinced me. I loved it so much that I immediately removed the tags and wore it out tonight. Later, when I was hanging it up in my closet, I was startled by how much it stood out against all the blacks, blues, and grays of my wardrobe. Not a pink, purple, or red in sight. Until tonight.
I thought back to my post about Scarf 5, in which I said "I'm not a pink person. I don't believe I own a single piece of pink clothing." Boy, have things changed in just a few short days! I think this scarf project is shaking things up for me.
I am dressing in the pink and I am feeling in the pink. Thank you, scarves!

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