Friday, October 21, 2011

Scarf 30: Shimmery Neutrals

How do I love thee, Scarf 30? Let me count the ways . . .

Scarf 30 is made from the loveliest, shiniest, smoothest tape yarn in the most luscious neutrals. I'll admit (to you, my dedicated reader) that I've been hoarding this yarn for quite some time. It's such a fancy yarn, such a special yarn, that I couldn't do just anything with it. I tried knitting a little sample with it, but knitting didn't show off the smoothness or the color variations to my liking.

About a year ago I found the warp yarn - an acrylic/bamboo blend in the perfect matching gray/taupe shade - but I haven't had the guts to use it until now. The yarns have been sitting together, waiting to be tested as a scarf, during the entire length of this project. It took me 29 scarves to get up the courage. And I did! And it turned out so well!

I can't tell you how pleased I am with Scarf 30 - it's just exactly how I hoped it'd be. The thinner warp yarn shows off the sheen and texture of the tape yarn perfectly, the flatness of the yarn creates a pleasantly heavy thinness to the scarf, and the colors are showcased in all their glory.

What I love about scarves is their ability to make an outfit, and Scarf 30 is the perfect example of this. It's pretty & soft & unobtrusive, but it ties everything together and makes you feel polished. Ahhhh.

Scarf 30 is for sale in my etsy shop and at Mind Body Yoga.

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