Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Scarf 20: Among the Stars

Way, way back in mid-September, I told you about a scarf I made and submitted for an exhibit of the Texas Fiber Arts Museum. In that post, I mentioned that it was a long shot that I'd get in and offered this quote from Isabella Stewart Gardner: "If you don't aim high, you can't get there."

Well, today I received word that I didn't get in and to my extreme delight, this was the message:

There is a saying, “Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss it, you land among the stars.” And so each artist who entered the TMFA competition is very much among the stars. The juror deliberated diligently and the following are in the exhibit. Those whose names are not on the list are to be congratulated for sharing their imagination and creativity. Not every artist is as brave as you. To me you are definitely a star.

So nice, right? Doesn't it feel like a direct response to me and my quote? Now I feel all warm and fuzzy for giving it my best. I am a brave star. :)

The best news of all is for those who have been trying to sneak off with good ole Scarf 20, because now that it's not all tied up with a possible exhibit, it's up for sale. Tomorrow it will have a spiffy new photo shoot and make its debut on Etsy.


Alison said...

You ARE a brave star!! This reminds me of our alma mater's motto: Ad astra per aspera. You're doing such an amazing thing with this project. Your constant efforts to reach for new heights within yourself is, and has been, a continual inspiration to me!

Kelly said...

Thanks, Alison! What a sweet response! This reminded me of the motto as well, which made me feel good. :)

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